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Tax information is available all over the internet such as through the ATO website, AI chatbots and other sources. However, as technology increases, the tax office also has the technology to audit your tax returns more frequently.

Avoid being caught out on your tax return with professional help to maximise your tax refund with some  peace of mind.

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How our tax return process works

Book in an appointment 

Book an appointment for a time which is most suitable for you and obtain a checklist of all required documents upon your booking.


Provide us with the required information

Providing us with all the required information will allow us to maximise your refund and provide you with other solutions around ehancing your financial life.

Your Appointment 

During the meeting, we will go over all your deductions and look at your financial situation. We will discuss how we help you minimise your tax, save you money or help you build wealth through our other service offerings. 

Your tax refund

Once we have completed your tax return, we will send your tax return for digital signing and upon signing, we will lodge your tax return for you to obtain your tax refund ASAP.

How much does a tax return cost?

A basic individual tax return with unlimited work-related deductions costs $245 with any additional elements such as Investment properties, shares, Crypto, Capital gains or loss and any extensive requirements costing an additional $120 per item.

What if I have a business?

Depending on the size of your business and the complexity of your requirements, our business services team will be able to provide a custom quote.

My tax return is complex and I need my return ASAP, can I speed the process up?

Yes! If you need your tax return completed ASAP, we can prioritise your tax return for an additional fee.

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