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Organising the finance and managing the property buying process is easy for us as we do it every day, do you?

Buying your first home

We help you in purchasing your first home by ensuring you understand the process and organise the finance and coordinate all relevant parties in the buying process

Upgrading your home

We will help you coordinate the upgrading of your home and ensure you understand the process as it is different to when you bought your first home.

Purchasing an investment property

Property investment is one of the best wealth-building strategies, however, you could lose a lot of benefits if it is not structured correctly.

Our process in helping you purchase property

Discovery Call

We will have an initial discussion to understand your lending requirements

Information Gathering

We will gather information from you so we can find the best lending solution for you and your situation


With all the information we collect, we will Analysis your situation to find the most suitable lender and the best possible deal for you


Once we know the lender we will be applying with, we will prepare the application for you


We will submit the loan application to the lender with our submission notes to support your application and ensure approval is granted


Your loan is approved! We will check all the details to ensure they are correct

Loan Contracts

We will guide you through the signing of the loan contracts


We will coordinate with all parties to ensure your loan settles with ease

Frequently asked questions

How much does our service cost?

Our service is 100% free. We get paid a commission from the lender which covers our cost of delivering our service to you.

Why use a broker rather than going directly to the bank?

The most significant difference between using a broker and going directly to the bank is that a broker works in your interest and will choose the most suitable lender for you. The bank can only ever consider its own products and policies. 

Besides finding the best rate or offer, what other value does a broker provide?

Every single lender has different lending policies, which are constantly changing. Unless you are applying for a loan every day it is very hard to keep up. We are able to navigate these changes and policies and be able to find a lender which will provide the loan which meets your lending requirements. 

What happens if my application is declined?

We do our best to ensure that no application we submit to a lender is ever declined, however, if your application is ever declined we will find out the reason and try to find you a solution with an alternative lender. If no lender is available, we will coach you on how we can get the application approved in the future.

Should I get a pre-approval?

We highly recommend that before you commence looking for a property, you obtain pre-approval. Even if you are very confident in your situation, there are always unknown issues that can arise, and a pre-approval is designed to weed out any concerns from the lender.

The other benefit of a pre-approval is that you can negotiate a shorter time settlement as it allows you to settle soon as the longer part of the loan process is already completed.

Does a Broker just help me get to settlement or do they provide an ongoing service?

Obtaining the loan is only the start of our relationship. We have designed a system in which we review your mortgage annually to ensure that you are never paying too much on your mortgage.

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