Lending and Finance

Unparalleled expertise

Helping your Business’s Lending

We understand your business’s lending needs for expansion and maintenance of operations, therefore, we are committed to providing exceptional service in helping you attain the best possible lending arrangements to save you precious time and resources.

Market-beating Interest Rates

As interest rates continue to rise, we strive to ensure our clients have the best possible rates to keep repayments low and keep more cash available for working capital.

Finance Support

Whether you are refinancing an existing mortgaging or discharging one, we are committed to providing the best possible financial advise to help your business make the most informed and financially-sound decisions.

Financial Services

We recognise that finance is one of the fundamental of starting or running a business, therefore, we are committed to providing support in Car & Equipment Finance, Commercial Property Purchase, Cash Flow Finance, Trade Finance, and Franchise Finance.

Our finance experts

The finance team currently consists of DFG’s founder, Harry Deryan, and his son Daniel, both of whom are exceptionally experienced in providing top-of-the-line service in the finance sector.

Cash Flow Analyses

We specialise in cash flow analyses in determining the financial viability of new business ideas and proposed business expansions.

Commercial Purchases

Purchases ranging from cars and equipment, property, and franchise are covered by our services, as we are not only limited to home and investment loans.

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